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Project Management:

The art and science of Management demand different skills than programming.

Projects seldom exist in a vacuum. The must move forward while life and business goes on. The environment is often fast-paced and changing with a wide range of different interests that must be informed, coordinated, persuaded, or coerced to achieve it's objectives on time and within budget.

Rick Troupin, RST Consulting's principal, returned to school to learn Visual Basic and spent several years working with it, achieving Microsoft certifications early in 2001.

The reason: It is very difficult to successfully manage what you do not fully understand.

Broad management experience including:

  • Leadership positions in many organizations
  • Management of an insurance agency branch for a major insurer 
  • Lead the creation of part of a new insurance organization
  • Served as Facilitator of a Total Quality Management program
  • Developed and deployed several Training Programs
  • Leadership of the Strategic plans for use of the internet by several organizations and firms
  • Management of the conversion and upgrade of complex applications
  • Management of a multi-state deployment of a hardware/software upgrade for the US Postal Service