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Strategic Analysis:

Deciding when and how to use technology can be challenging. Success can produce great rewards and failure can kill an organization.

Bring us your problems and questions. We'll give you honest answers.

We can provide a fast unbiased appraisal of a technical project. Evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. Provide an independent analysis of its risks and offer strategies for dealing with them.

If we have no experience in your area, we'll tell you and may refer you to someone who can better assist you.

We may tell you it will be very difficult to do what you want within your budget.

We have great experience doing a lot with very little. Many clients have been not-for-profit organizations and small businesses.

Our experience includes:

Re-designing work flow without using technology.

Implementing simple desktop tools to help employees get the job done fast and right.

Designing small client server applications to a help a group or department work together easier and deliver better service

Designing complex job-shop automation to support order-taking, production, shipping, and tracking.

Designing innovative marketing and communication programs integrated with internet sites.